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By worshipping this mahayantra one is blessed with health, wealth and happiness, good fortune and fame. It wards off evil effects such as fear of ghosts, accidental death and diseases etc, as per the ancient vedic texts. By worshipping this Sampoorn Rog Nashak Yantra one is free from miseries and troubles. The Vedas further tell us that it also ensures freedom from fear of death, chronic diseases and grave dangers. By worshipping this yantra one is blessed with siddhi, success, prosperity and it helps in all direction and every sphere of life.

Size - 8 x 8 inches

The following yantras are included in this SAMPURNA ROG NASHAK MAHAYANTRA :-

 1. Sri Maha Mrityunjay Yantra (centre)    

2. Sri Ganesh Yantra    

3. Sri Navdugatna Yantra    

4. Sri Baglamukhi Yantra    

5. Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra    

6. Vashyankar Yantra    

7. Kaalsarp Yantra    

8. Sri Navgrah Yantra    

9. Sri Ketu Yantra  

10.Sri Rahu Yantra  

11.Sri Shani Yantra  

12.Vahan Durgatna Nashak Yantra  

13.Maha Mrityunjay Yantra


Please note that all the Yantras are already Energized ( A Pran Pratishtha Puja is performed by our learned Guruji ) before being sent to our clients. Hence you are not necessarily required to perform the Puja of the Yantra and you may directly start praying to the yantra as soon as you have received them. 

Even then, if you wish you may yourself also once again go through the Energization process which has been followed by our Guruji while energizing the yantra as given below. However this is not mandatory since the Yantra has already been Energized by our Guruji as per ancient Hindu Rituals before the same has been sent to you :-

Procedures that has been followed by our Guruji for ENERGIZING  ( Pran Prathistha ) of Yantra before being sent to you.

1. First the mind should be cleared of all negative thoughts and  one should try to achieve a clear and positive mind frame .

2. Place a Matt ( Asan ) on the floor and sit on it in such a way that you are facing East, North or North-East 

3. Light an incense or diya. (It does not matter how many you light). 

4. Lay a fresh flower and a fresh fruit on the altar. 

5. Open the Yantra and place it in your Home Puja Temple or Altar. 

6. Take the water with any leaf from any tree and sprinkle the water on yourself followed by sprinkling the water on the Yantra. 

7. Close your eyes and concentrate on the Yantra to bless you with wishes. Now with all sincerity, ask God to grant you the desire of your life that you wanted to be fulfilled in your own language.

8.  Now chant the specific  BEEJ MANTRA  of the YANTRA  at least 11 times


Beej Mantra for this Yantra  :-

     " Tryamabakam Yajamahe Saugandhim Pushti vardhanam 
        Urvarukmiv Bandhanan mrityor mukhsheevamamritiyat"

Note: Although all our Sampoorna Mahayantras are made after due research, we constantly strive for more and more perfection under the auspicious guidance of our learned pandits and feedback from our valuable customers. This may sometimes result in a change of one or more yantras out of the thirteen yantras included in this Mahayantra.

Benefit: Rid of Fatal Diseases and Life Giving, good health, wealth and happiness, good fortune and fame.

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