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Crystal balls are a very popular contemporary feng shui cure. A high quality, clear crystal ball will transform the energy of light into a very harmonious, smooth and constant motion. 
They are in both smooth and faceted forms. However, most useful types are the faceted ones. Faceted crystal balls possess high sparkle and diffuse light over a wide area. 
The main purpose of faceted crystal balls in feng shui is to transmute energy in the form of light. When “shar chi” or hard energy enters the ball, the facets deflect the energy, breaking it up and turning it into “sheng chi”, i.e. Gentle energy.

· To transmute any negative energy entering your home from a window, into positive energy fro.

· To slow down fast-moving chi, in long hallways or corridors.

· To reduce the amount of bad energy transmitted by “poison arrows” such as those from sharp corners or open bookshelves or object near where you eat, relax, sleep, or work.

· In front of a large window through which too much chi is escaping.

· In the tai chi (center) of a home or room where energy feels low directly over your head as you sit at your desk, to inspire mental activity (be aware that this can have an over-stimulating effect for some people; if you feel stressed and scattered, take the crystal down)

· Beneath a ceiling fan over your bed (or other key location, such as the dining table), to protect against "cutting" chi from the fans blades

· Anywhere you'd like to activate chi

· You can also place a faceted crystal ball on a desk, table, or home altar.

· Wear a little one on a red ribbon around your neck to activate your personal chi.

· Hang one from the rear-view mirror of your car to enhance, bless, and protect you while you drive.

The size of your crystal should be appropriate to the size of the space where you plan to use it.

Remember to keep your crystal ball clean as dirt, dust, and fingerprints can also lessen the effectiveness of your cure. After cleaning, you can take a moment to empower the crystal with your strong intention to protect, bless, or energize the space.


How to install crystal balls?

Before placing this feng shui cure, cleanse them with salt water. Keep your crystal balls in open sunlight and let them absorb the early sun rays. Now make positive intentions and ask of any wish that you want to fulfill. After this process, burn incense sticks or anything else in conformity to your culture and then place crystal balls in designated place.

 Every time you feel that feng shui symbol has lost some energy, the best way to reactivate them is to place it before sunrays for a few hours. Repeat again the placement ritual, described above.

Where do i place the crystal ball for good feng shui? 

Depending on your needs, you will place the crystal ball in an area that needs more harmony, light and fresh energy. Some common feng shui uses of the crystal ball are in the following baqua areas of your home

· Love & marriage area (southwest)

· Personal growth & self-cultivation area (northeast)

· Children & creativity (west)

· Center of home.

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