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yANTRA Pyramids bring a new quality of life.

1. People who visit places with the YANTRA Pyramids notice that they feel wonderfully energized.
Many feel that they are powerfully charged with energy when they are in the immediate proximity of the pyramid. They feel a flow of "current" through the body similar to that felt when in the presence of a talented healer.
This is why it often happens that completely sceptical people develop a positive attitude to this energy.

Most feel that they are invigorated with refreshing energy.

2. Artists and sensitive people observe enhanced inspiration and creative activity.
Everyone who CREATES his own inner vision for himself notices immediate effects.
A good example of this was a famous Polish Singer who, after one year of contact with the pyramids, celebrated a triumphant return to the stage.
He also received a most prestigious award in Sopot for his accomplishments.

3. People who have everyday contact with the YANTRA Pyramids have a HIGHER VIBRATION and an expanded, brighter, more settled aura.
With a little practice, this may be seen or felt.
We perceive them as being lighter, brighter, and more ehteric.

This is a picture of my daughter, Anja, who was 13 at the time. She had been with the pyramids almost since birth.
In the aura above her head a pyramid is currently present and the main colours are:
Yellow which signifies the joy of life, a friendly attitude toward the world and people, and spontaneity.
Green which signifies harmony, balance, and compassion.
White which signifies spirituality, which impressively develops systematically as she matures.
We are both very proud of her, but are also aware that the pyramids have been a tremendous contributing factor to this.
Children who grow up by the YANTRA Pyramids naturally become children of the New Era.

4. Because we are charged with prana energy we sleep and rest better and our immune system is stabilized. (Sleep disorders soon disappear, in most cases). Because of this, an enthusiasm and joy for life grows.

5. People who sleep in rooms with the YANTRA Pyramids have especially intense dreams and visions.

6. Because of this energy, tension between people is relieved both at home and at work, and we have more balanced and harmonious relationships.
This happens because we act intuitively so that things that could hinder us become recognized before they develop into conflicts and tension.
The higher vibration makes us more inclined to concentrate on inner unity which makes finding a common denominator among people more possible.
It leads to greater understanding, even when there are significant differences of opinion.

7. Numerous users observe mental stabilization and a better resistance against negativity.
Advanced people (who have worked in the glow of the pyramids for many years) achieve permanently present inner PEACE which allows them to distance themselves from such negativity.
They still have the ability to emotionally engage themselves fully, and, if the situation calls for it, they are able to be aggressive.

Generally, however, they remain free and are able to decide what they want to feel.

8. Professionals such as: teachers, therapists, doctors..., observe an increased need for their services.
This is not surprising because people who are depleted of energy have a need for rejuvenation and are instinctively drawn to places with the pyramids.

9. Many businessmen find a "magical" influence with the pyramids.
They notice an increase in the number of clients and in their sphere of influence.
Increased profitability, and unexpected, "ingenious" solutions spontaneously arise after the installation of the pyramid.
It often occurs that solutions are revealed in dreams.
In large companies, success is often preceded by a clearing process which sometimes results in employee changes.
People with an unacceptable work ethic or negative attitude often leave a place equipped with a pyramid. (People like this corrupt a company from the inside).
Charged with a new energy, they seek something better for themselves and in many cases find it. Their successors are usually the right people for the right job and the company becomes a healthy organization.
This will occur only if the spiritual attitude of the owner is correct.
It is good to remember a maxim by Jarek Mironski that says:
REAL SUCCESS is achieved when all engaged are able to find success for themselves. Businessmen, "destined to fail", are able to recognize the reasons for their problems and able to correct things before disaster.

10. Small children and animals need no convincing and are ideal proof of the effectiveness of the YANTRA Pyramids. They instinctively want to be close to these structures.
In difficult situations they often go inside. Our dogs and cats charge themselves with the energy of the pyramids instinctively. Particularly when they are suffering from something or before they prowl.(see link: function and use)).

A variety of wild animals and birds approach the garden pyramid without fear of our domestic animals.

11. Every day we notice the influence of the YANTRA Energy in the quality and taste of our meals and water.

12. Many times we have noticed changes that have occurred in common table wine placed in the pyramid. Even connoisseurs found this wine to be exceptional.

13. Our garden is breathtaking because of its amazing fertility.
The plants in close proximity to the pyramids grow like "crazy". Some blossom 2 or 3 times a season.
In places opposite to the corners of the inner pyramid, plants grow abundantly and we need to clear this area regularly.
Oaks, willows and many other plants grow in sparse areas.


14. The YANTRA Pyramids complement and are compatible with each other, creating a web of brilliant light energy.
The power of their effectiveness grows in proportion to the quantity of pyramids present.
The more pyramids, the stronger the stream of energy and growth in spiritual abilities.
Anyone who installs the YANTRA Pyramids benefits himself, his neighborhood, and the Earth.

15. A lot of visionaries are convinced that the places with the garden pyramids are protected against natural disasters.
Our experiments confirm this.
Numerous storms and floods that have inundated Europe during the last years have miraculously(?) skipped over places equipped with the pyramids.


The YANTRA Pyramids challenge you to control your thoughts and create your future.

Continuous contact with the YANTRA Pyramid naturally activates the MER-KA-BA field without the effort of the user.
It opens us to unbelievable possibilities of the Spirit.

1. Patrick Flanagan Patrick Flanagan (American physicist) proved that placing a replica of the Cheops Pyramid over the head of a person whose eyes are closed causes the brain to generate alpha waves.
These waves appear as we move to higher levels of consciousness. They cause human thought to gain the power to create.

The users of our pyramids confirm that this energy moves them to much higher levels (theta and even delta waves) which are the levels that Yogis strive to attain.
It enhances all thoughts, even if fleeting, transforming them into powerful thought forms.

The powerful field of the pyramid sustains the images created by the soul which-to be manifested-magnetically attract appropriate people and situations.
It means there is a transformation of our yearnings into an effective answered prayer.
We are dealing with an unbelievably creative source of cosmic energy and, by using it consciously, everything becomes possible for us.
We want to emphasize that it is you who is responsible for your own fate.

The Pyramid only provides the energy so that you, at an astronomical rate, may become aware of your inner POWER.

The rest is dependent upon the concentration of your goals!

According to the channellings, this was the most important point because the materialization of our most hidden desires is paramount.
By feeling frustrated and discouraged now, we create a future filled with grief and pain. However, content and happy people are able to leave for their children a wonderful world to live in.
Our task is to create a good life on Earth and, a perspective of materializing dreams.
This awakens our innate feelings of happiness and joy in life.

We must be careful not to harm anyone with our thoughts and visions.
We should use this energy in accordance with the highest sense of ethics.
Intentions for others always come back to the originator.
However, with the Pyramids, everything comes back even faster!
The pyramids cause you to control your thoughts, emotions, and most of all, your INTENTIONS thereby helping you find positive ways to resolve ALL of your problems.
We recommend regression therapy to those who have difficulty with the materialization of dreams because it helps to remove blockages and burdens from the past.
We also suggest that you read Aldona's, soon to be published book "YANTRA Pyramids-Secrets of the Materialization of Dreams."
It contains a description of an excellent and proven method for creating a new reality.

2. Everyday contact with the energy of the YANTRA Pyramids provides you with constantly present inner peace of mind  and extraordinary concentration.
It allows you to be a master!
Those who ask important questions receive an answer. In many cases people experience a spontaneous spiritual awakening (enlightenment) comparable to that experienced in Tibetan Monasteries after many year of meditation.
Inner Wisdom deepens at a pace that would amaze even the Tibetan Monks!

3. Every owner of the YANTRA Pyramid observes that, with every passing month, intuitive feelings significantly increase!!!
Gradually you reestablish the connection with your higher SELF which was lost in childhood due to being subordinate to adults. Your inner voice is reactivated!
This inner whisper is an infallible advisor. In a short time, each user is able to recognize the real intentions of others, regardless of what may be their hidden motives.
Nobody will be able tell you what to believe in or how to live your life.
Instantly, without going into details, you will know what is good or bad for you and become the best expert for yourself.
You will not need a mediator to provide you with this knowledge.

In this way, a sense of self-assurance security and power are born.

Within time, each user becomes much more aware of himself and the role he desires to play in this lifetime.
The surplus of constantly flowing energy from the pyramid motivates the user toward self-realization and action.
Usually the user enters a correct path, he does what he loves to do, and makes a living doing what he loves and was meant to do.
As an effect of a correct spiritual attitude, the owner becomes honest with himself and others. He is opened to a world full of energy.

Using this energy during sleep, meditation, or concentration will release the energy from which we draw knowledge. At this time, each YANTRA Pyramid becomes a specific key or channel to knowledge and inner wisdom.
For this, Yogis have disciplined themselves and meditated in isolation for decades.
Owners of the pyramids don't have to do this.
If is sufficient to learn how to competently use it (which requires some discipline and practice) and the moments of creative concentration will replace the best meditation techniques.
Everybody has their own path which is in accordance with their inner truth.
Along the way some people meet a spiritual teacher, others simply open themselves to impulses from various media... or they observe how, in their mind, spontaneously appear answers to important questions(if they ask).
On this path, we recognize the UNITY AND UNIQUENESS OF EVERYTHING.
We become unique and exceptional.
We recognize our own value!

6. The crowning achievement of spiritual work in the presence of the YANTRA Pyramids is knowing the laws which governs our fate and happiness. If applied, this will facilitate our lives in very special ways.

7. After extensive time working with the pyramids, WE BECOME AWARE that to truly live means to relish in the process of existing and creating!


It also means to fulfill your plans, accomplish goals, enjoy each moment, and experience all the appealing things in life. When our soul develops a delicate, subtle power, we can express our greatness and be ready to performance great acts.


1. It has been proven beyond a doubt that in the field of influence of the YANTRA Pyramid it is simple to free yourself from the negative aspects of the past.
Staying within the energy of these pyramids causes a supreme contact with your own soul.
Each soul hides many secrets and burdens from childhood and past incarnations.
Now many puzzles are resolved spontaneously.
The depths of your unconsciousness slowly become more lucid. After a period of practicing it is enough to ask yourself a question regarding your current situation or illnesses for the answer to appear.
For people who are limited by their intellectual thinking (left brain) and who have a difficult time perceiving impulses from the soul - answers come in their dreams.
In this way we discover the relationship between our behavior, illnesses, fate... and deeply encoded convictions about ourselves and our surrounding reality.
We realize what patterns we need to change to receive what we desire. We perceive our past mistakes and we find ways to free ourselves from them.
Everybody by himself.
We definitely remove all blockages and everything that does not benefit us.
Permanent mind hygiene, clearing all burdens and limitations opens us for the new.
It allows us to find ourselves here and now and makes creation and materialization of plans possible.

is particularly effective conducted in the presence of the YANTRA Pyramid.
Everybody who breathes deeply in the glow of this energy immediately becomes aware of blocked emotions and spiritual wounds which need to be healed.

Using skilled methods of clearing the mind and psyche it is possible to release even the most serious results of past trauma and start a new fulfilling life.
Our golden rules of regression discovered in the glow of the pyramids have been translated into many languages and are the basis for many broadminded therapists.

Depending on individual needs or the degree of burdens the amount of sleep may temporarily increase or significantly decrease but always your sleep becomes deeper and more regenerating.
When the mind is not blocking the access to the channel of knowledge we can receive a lot of important information from the realm of dreams.
Frequent colourful and vivid dreams (also conscious visions) are an inestimable help in realizing and resolving problems.

4. The pyramids facilitate your contact with your guardian spirit, in our culture referred to as your guardian angel, inner master, spirit guide&.who is helpful in resolving all kinds of emotional and physical problem.

5. People who are by nature weak and dependent when near the pyramids become stronger and able to resist negative influences.
Manipulation and other negative influences...

don't disappear by themselves because the victims are either consciously or unconsciously connected with the originators of their misfortune or unhappiness.
Strong concentration on your inner power, enhancing the energetic field (aura), and appropriate directing of your thoughts... helps to create a space which is safe and free from other peoples negative energy.

In this way we create a space for a strong self and become a person full of light who has control over his life.



1. The YANTRA Pyramids, especially model B - stabilizes the genetic code. How does that happen?
A human is created to eat the healthy fruit of the Earth, for which his body has the appropriate digestive enzymes.
In the case when too many unnatural products are found in food (pigments, preservatives, pesticides...) we have to produce totally new, so far unknown enzymes, which means there is a necessity to adapt(mutate).
No one is able to foresee in which direction this will go.
What we will look like and how we will function in the future is unknown. Probably the Breatharians movement - people who live only on light - is one of the methods that could save the human race, but because of its "exclusiveness" and esoteric "difficulty" it is a not very popular.
We definitely need other methods.
Near the pyramids the aura radiation becomes stronger, and the flow of energy in the meridians becomes ideal (see: meridian tests and Kirlian photography in the link:
Due to this, the body is much stronger, able to recognize "unfamiliar things" in food, and excrete them (without the necessity of digesting something useless).
It is our firm belief that the YANTRA Pyramids contribute to instant toxin removal, which can be observed by increased vitality.
This influences our health, our immune system, our endurance, and the joy of life.
For this reason, these devices are always a great support for a variety of purifying treatments and should be present in detoxification wards.

2. The YANTRA Pyramid strengthens the human energetic field.
Along with the body's ability to quickly remove toxins, it makes the person strong and able to protect himself from harmful underground water radiation, electrosmog, and even radioactive radiation...
(about the usefulness of YANTRA Pyramids in water dowsing read:
We can avoid many serious illnesses this way. The excessive energy which we use to fight off problems or illnesses is now free.
It is now available for more productive uses.
That is why YANTRA Pyramid owners often find their way, their life's passion or other satisfying activities and, as a result, are happy with life.
And since they are happy - they don't get sick!!

3. Strengthening the body and spirit with the help of the pyramid energy and the instant removal of toxins, bacteria and viruses result in our quick recovery from minor illnesses, colds, flu...
Some pyramid owners "complain" because as weary workers, they may develop an illness in order to rest, be pampered, and receive sympathy and attention.
Typically a person like this may have expected to be taken care of for several days however even the strongest flu symptoms last only one or two days.
People, who regularly work on their inner self thru meditation have a better understanding of themselves and others and don't suffer as much because they are basically healthy.
Typical winter illnesses have simply ceased to exist or are very rare - (in moments of spiritual crisis however, even masters can be affected).
And of course, these sicknesses are brief and temporary.

4. We have also observed, so called, "miraculous healings" by the pyramids.
One of our typical documented cases was our mother's (Ursula Mironski) illness.
She was able to stop the spread of a malignant cancer in the advanced stage.
Directly after receiving the diagnosis, she refused to undergo surgery and placed the model A pyramid under her bed.
She firmly denied THIS illness the right to exist.
She said that she will decide, ON HER OWN, how and when she will die, and it certainly won't be from cancer!!!
She underwent tests after 3 years, which showed that the cancer didn't disappear, but it had not progressed in the slightest bit.
The doctors were amazed that she felt no pain or discomfort affiliated with the existence of cancer.
Although we have witnessed many such miracles, we do not offer the pyramids as a cure for cancer or any other illness.
Another person had an ugly purplish chestnut sized growth on his forehead.
He wanted this removed but the doctors discouraged this.
After installing the model B pyramid, the growth diminished gradually and eventually disappeared.
One of the most spectacular cases was the complete healing of an 83 year old diabetic woman who suffered from this illness for 25 years.
She still needs to control the level of sugar in her blood but no longer needs insulin.
According to our observations, in each of the cases, the healing was due to an inner decision to heal, a vision for a healthy future, and a strong will to live.
The pyramid provided additional needed energy which strengthened the body allowing it to heal itself.
The strengthening of spiritual power was also an important factor.

5. The spectacular healings are, in many cases, an additional benefit to the resolution of spiritual and psychological problems.
With the help of appropriate therapy, psychosomatic illnesses disappear.
The spiritual proficiency and soul clarity achieved by the YANTRA Pyramids, allows us to realize our great self healing abilities.

Undoubtedly, this is the first step to self sufficiency.
Each person develops his own individual way of healing, letting intuition lead the way.

In every case we have researched, the influence of the pyramid energy on people's health and condition, was followed by an awareness that there are many levels of healing.
The most advanced people reach a heightened spiritual level.

6. Great healing effects and numerous MIRACLES were attained with babies, autistic children, children with Down Syndrome, old, disoriented people, and those in a coma.
For situations such as these, the use of the pyramids without asking for the sick person's permission is allowed. "Miraculous healings" in these cases, definitely rule out the placebo effect, and prove that the strength flowing from the YANTRA Pyramids activates the spirit.
This flow energizes people who desire an awakening, SELF-DEVELOPMENT, or inner knowledge, as well as those who are resigned and surrendered to their illness.
This energy also strengthens the body (see #1).
It activates inner self-healing abilities which allow for illnesses to easily undergo treatment.
From many years of observation, we can responsibly say, that in most cases, depressive, apathetic and lethargic people miraculously awaken to life.
Eye contact and telepathic understanding becomes possible with autistic children.
In the case of old people, who require permanent care, a mobilization of energy occurred.
They were able to become self-reliant again.
People who were in deep comas were able to awaken. Even those who were within the area of these patients experienced an awakening. I
n the case of those terminally ill, we observed the patients consciously deciding to stop their senseless suffering.
After gaining a full understanding, they were able to assimilate the learning from their experience and move to the other side peacefully.
The release of the fear of death is an aspect of spiritual maturity and inherent to those who own a pyramid, regardless of whether they are sick or healthy.

7. According to our experience and the research with doctors living and working with the YANTRA Pyramids, natural medications and drugs strengthened by the pyramid energy are stronger, much more effective, and more easily assimilated by the body.
Personally we have been experimenting for many years, with great success, using Dr Bach Essences, herbs, and natural therapeutic essential oils that have been energized in the pyramid.

8. In the same way as natural medicines, we can strengthen the activity of precious stones in the pyramids and use their energy for healing. Many use the scepters in a similar way.



In our opinion, these pyramids are an excellent compliment for constructive action and spiritual development. We must inform you that it should not replace conventional methods of treatment and medication unless you are adequately prepared. Consult your doctor before discontinuing any current medications or treatments.

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