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As per the name given to this necklace, ‘Siddha-Mala’ shows great impact to its wearer. This necklace is a combination of one Mukhi Rudraksha to fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha, Ganesh Rudraksha and also Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha. Wearer of this necklace is always blessed by Lord Shiva, all the Deities and ruling planet of one Mukhi Rudraksha to fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha, Ganesh Rudraksha, Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha and all nine planets. The wearer of Siddha-Mala gets meritorious act and special benefits of all those ancient Shastra and Puran which are only listen by wearer. The wearer of it can increase mental and physical strength and get great success in family life, administrative, social and political field. Wearer of it easily gets success in their ambitions, happiness, name and fame, respect, victory, extensive success in all fields, and prosperity in the business.

Its wearer also gets refulgent face and keeps on increasing luster continuously. Wearer gets all his balance due of revenue and arrears. Wearer of it gets victory in disputes of land and court cases. The wearer of this Rudraksha necklace can cure himself from the malefic effects of nine planets. Wearer is blessed by deities of ten directions, Panch-Mahadeva, all invisible planets of universe, and cosmic energy.
The wearer of it achieves life fulfillment in all four aspects that is Dharma, Arth, Kaam, and Moksha. He fulfills all his wishes and becomes one who has subdued one’s passions, i.e. ascetic. He can cure physical, materialistic, mental and spiritual faults and gets these comforts. Wearer of it is blessed by Goddesses Laxmi (Goddesses of wealth) and Goddesses Saraswati (Goddesses of knowledge and studies) and gets all type of knowledge. He uses his knowledge in practical life. His will power and inner strength becomes very strong. Due to Siddha-Mala, spiritual power of a person is increasing fastly and reaches to the topmost peak within no time. Person becomes religious and virtuous. Wearer of this necklace becomes well-beings of himself and those entire people who are in the vicinity of him. After leaving human body, wearer of it goes to land of Lord Shiva.
Wearer of Siddha-Mala is considered as most fortunate person. One must wear Siddha-Mala to get greatest success in life and to become most SIDDHA MALA*
IN this string there are all 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksh, GANESH Rudraksh, GOURI SHANKAR Rudraksh - every single. If this string is worn by formal rituals, the holder receives grace of all deities resident of all 14 Rudraksh, Ganesh, Gouri Shankar and 9 planets. Holder acquires Virtuous results of heard memory and scientific subjects. The matters in courts and politics are successful, Acquires success, victory and benefits. Receives un-- obtained wealth and it is protected forever, Saves from sufferings of 9 planets. Holder is favored by Dashdikpal (Protector deity of 10 directions) an Panchamahadev (5 supreme Gods). He acquires manhood qualities i: e. religion, wealth, duty and salvation. Sets free from super, divine, supreme physical and spiritual blames. Fulfils all desires. Person becomes controller of all sense organs. He receives all sorts of knowledge and utilizes acquired knowledge at practical and professional places. Therefore he acquires both wealth and knowledge. The holder wins minds of common people by super natural power. His will power and Brain Power become strong. The holder enjoys his life in family by physical, economical and mental happiness. He enriches in spiritual tendency and become devotee of SHIV and lives in the form of SHIV. People worship him and admire him. He attains ultimate fame and hands over his responsibility to his followers and bids good-bye to this world. He acquires SHIV-LOK (Heaven) to enjoy bliss of Shivlok. Therefore wearing the siddhamala is supreme fortune.

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