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Name: Shahi Shiva Indrani Mala 
Configuration: 1 - 21 mukhi x 1 pc each + Gaurishanker + Ganesha Rudraksha.
Total no of Rudrakshas used: 23 pcs in total

Giant Size of Rudraksha used:
Quality: 100% Authentic - Superfine
Availability: highly rare, one of the rarest rudraksha combination.
Design/ Size: Made in silver/copper accessories and attached to adjustable red/black thread to fit neck of any size & to suit its visibility. Suitable for both male & female, very light in weight.

benefits of this mala

One of the rarest & most powerful Rudraksha combinations everyone desires to wear but very few fortunate individuals are blessed to posses it. It is a mala that covers each & every aspect of your life, It is said to posses effects even beyond a humans thought, covers all malefics effects & has tha capability to strengthen the benefic effects of all planets..Right from health, wealth , relationships, recognition, reaching desired position in various fields of life, curbing the doshas caused by different plaents are a few benefits of this mala, It has the power of more than 30 gods & godesses, 9 planets & blessings of the great Lord Shiva, one would get the individual benefit of each Rudraksha which is part of this mala.


In this string there is all the Rudraksh 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi, GANESH,
GOURI SHANKAR every single. If this indramala is worn, the holder attains the highest peak in life and hoists flag of supreme joy. His mission is an expert tradition. Every mission is materialized with knowledge, skill and embodiment. Holder attains great success, respect and wealth by ambition, determination and persistence. Holder succeeds in every work he undertakes and he enjoys all the heavenly luxuries on the earth. He is real king and acquires all the royal luxuries. He seems no scarcity of anything in his life. All his desires are fulfilled. He welfares all his family, companions, inferiors and all the working family members heaving in sight. He leads them to the way of luxury, prosperity, abundance and success and receives their blessings.

Holder acquires grace of all the deities governing 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi Rudraksh and a great waif of blessings protects him. He is not afraid of anything, becomes feold,his speech comes true i.e. SARASWATI (Goddess of Knowledge) is active through his mouth, LAXMI and KUBER (Gods of wealth) shower wealth on him. And all Gods protect his body. He has no any disease. His body is always healthy. He enjoys all physical luxuries and tries to please other people.

Therefore all people worship him, he is as good as God. His name is carved in golden Letters and such a virtuous person uplifts previous and next 21 races. Even Indra (King of Gods) is doubtful of losing his monarchy. He (INDRA) goes to heaven and prays to SHIV for a boon of participating the holder of indramala, great yogi person in his followers. Therefore the controller of all sense organs, possessor of SARASWATI, GANESH, LAXMI
i. e. mahayogi having all 4 manhood qualities acquires supreme happiness.

We hope you should were such a supreme fortunate 'INDRAMALA'. With compliments.

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