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Who does shri yantra represents?

Shri lalitha or tripura sundari

Our life sometimes is out of our control. The situations are so negative that what so ever efforts, sincerity and time we put to bring back the life, nothing proves beneficial. This leads to cashes, bad investments, decreasing financial gains, bad luck, repeated failures in life and no progress in professional and personal life. Shree yantra has the powerful effect for rectifying all these problems in our life. By worshiping shri yantra we can gain authority, power and financial success


 what this yantra will give you?

Shri yantra when used as suggested will get overcome all your financial difficulties and showers limitless money, prosperity, fame, success, good luck and peace of mind to you.

  • Shri yantra is definitely the answer to all your problems and negativity in your life.
  • Any person using shri yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace and harmony.
  • Shri yantra makes you break all the obstacles in your life.
  • It helps you push indefinitely and easily the limits of growth - both spiritually and materialistically.
  • Live life with abundance under the blessings of the shri yantra


Even modern scientists are studying and researching the effects of the shri yantra, trying to comprehend its subtle powers. American physicist dr patrick flanagan, after extensive experiments, declared the shri yantra as "the king of the power diagrams" and described its energetic effect as seventy times greater than that of a pyramid construction.

"shri yantra" - shri meaning wealth and yantra - meaning "instrument" .the instrument for wealth the shri yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth. Shri yantra has that unexplained power to fulfil all your wishes and change our life for the better.

 indian astrologers and hindu priests can be seen advising people to keep this yantra with them because of its self-active powers. Offering prayers before shree yantra also helps in the retrieval of blocked wealth. It is suggested to offer prayers in the form of "shree sookta" before the shree yantra.


siddh yantras are energized (pranpratishta/siddh) by learned purohits, by reciting the mantra of the laxmi mata one lack eighteen thousands time and the homage of 108 mantra. We provide with the yantra the complete mantras and methodology for worshipping the yantra."


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