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Kaam Roop Mani (gem), considered as a Taantrik item, is from nature, and from Assam state. Kaam Roop district, found near the temple of Kaamaakhyaa, where it is believed that Satee's valva fell while Shankar was wandering carrying Satee's lifeless body. Kaam Roop is the ancient name of today's geo-political Assam.

This Mani, transparent green jade from Assam or transparent green emerald from Northern Burmaa, near the present International boundary with India State of Assam is called Kaam Roop Mani. It is the river tumbled pebble of jadeite washed down in the Brahmaputra river. Kamroop Mani is a charm worn on a piece of Red String on the neck for good luck and for fulfillment of all your desires. This Mani gives health, wealth and power in life.

Among the Naagaa Tribes in Assam, there exists another rare Dev Mani (God's Jewel). Its another precious animistic Taantrik item of the Naagaa tribe. This Dev Mani is also semi transparent jadeite of dark brown with slight reddish to the color with tiny black speckles on the dark brown with slight reddish color. This Mani too is water tumbled pebble from Brahmaputra river, near the temple of Kaamaakhyaa Devee. This Mani is said to be pearlification of Devee's menses blood (or Devee's menses blood in the pearl form). The Naagaa tribeĀ  considers that whoever owns one such Mani he is their their tribal leader, medicine man and priest. This Mani is worn usually by studded into a ring of native Red copper. This Mani and such rings are sought out by the present-day black magicians and Taantrik magicians, and if found, a Shiv Ling of Paaras Mani / Paarad Mani (solidified Mercury) is made out of it and the ring is worn on the Lingam facing North-East Direction (Eeshaan) as an Eye of Shiv on that Paarad Mani. This is held in great esteem as all knowledge of Puraan, Tantra, Wisdom of Divine Secrets, Shaatra, Astrology, Gemology, Knowledge of Sacred Pearls, etc will appear and Divine mysteries will be easily solved by such a owner, and all types of Divine Sacred objects will come to him without searching... .and by chance without asking for.

Whatever said here of Dev Mani studded in Red Native Copper ring is a first-hand knowledge of the tribal owner and its later owner a hugely successful black and white magician in New Delhi during his lifetime till his passing at 109 years, and the now the owner is an academician, who obtained it as a passing off gift in 2007.



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