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The moonstone is a semi-precious stone which has a color of pearly white. However, it could have colors that range from colorless to yellow, brown, green, pink or gray. Its clarity can also range from being translucent to transparent. Moonstones that are of the highest grade have a blue sheen that has a colorless body and a perfect clarity.

The moonstone is believed to be very good for both men and women. For men, moonstones are said to be able to help in connecting to their creative side as well as their emotional side that are usually ignored. It could also enhance or improve a person's vision.

For women, moonstones are believed to be very powerful and beneficial. It is known to help in the balancing of menstrual hormones so this would be a particularly good gemstone for those women who are going through menopause. This stone can give an individual a good flow in life as well as greater flexibility. It could also assist in soothing anxiety and stress and enhances a person's intuitive sensitivity. Some other holistic properties it has are: ability to help lessen the feeling of being too overwhelmed by personal feelings; helps in allowing a person to accept new beginnings and other changes; enhances perception; and many more.


BENEFIT: Moon Stone can be worn by others too as it has several advantages. Moon Stone is harmless. If worn under astrological guidance, it should be worn in silver in silver on the little finger. Moon Stone relieves mental tensions, nervous disorders, eases sensitive stomachs. Moon Stone is a substitute for pearl and is good for the following:

(I) Those needing greater concentration in studies/ research.
(II) Those having problems of marriage or mental ailments.
(III)Those suffering from heart ailments, gynaecological problems, epiepsy, mental ailments.
(IV)For those who cannot control tempers or get excited quickly.
(V) For general peace of mind.


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