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Since the beginning of civilization, gemstones have always been thought to possess metaphysical powers. All the main ancient cultures, vedic, egyptian, mayan,and greek,had used these colorful and shiny pebbles for ritualistic, sacramental and healing purposes.The idea of using gemstones as solely item of adornment and wealth was a later development; yet, even this shift of perception,had originally an occult reason behind it. 
Gems seems to have a special power,a transcendental quality that go beyond their colorful mirror,the thought of far away lands andmysterious places.
In ancient india, a number of sanskrit texts on gems have been written.
Of a purely scientific, gemological knowledge are works like "ratnapariksa" (literally 'gemology'), and "mani-mala".More specifically, the "graha-gocara jyautisha",the garuda purana", the"brhat samhita",the"agni purana"are the texts dealing with planetary gemology.

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